/11 Shockingly Beautiful Fall Makeup Ideas

11 Shockingly Beautiful Fall Makeup Ideas

No-makeup makeup is one of the most-searched beauty terms on the internet, especially during summertime. But what if you’re feeling a little fatigued by all the fresh-faced “I woke up like this” vibes? With the relaxed stickiness of summer, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to mess with high-maintenance lip colors and bold eye makeup, but now that fall is just around the corner, we have the itch (and the excuse) to get a little more creative.

In the intro to a new Blood Orange video for a song called “Jewelry,” Janet Mock is seen walking down a sidewalk, and before the song begins, she says, “People try to put us down by saying, ‘She’s doing the most,’ or ‘He’s way too much,’ but why would we want to do the least?” And, well, we can confidently say the following fall makeup ideas are definitely not doing the least. From graphic glittery cat eyes to matte purple lips, here are 11 insanely cool makeup looks from our favorite makeup artists and beauty gurus.

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