/13 Last-Minute Glitter Halloween Makeup Looks

13 Last-Minute Glitter Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween has the tendency to completely sneak up on us. Yes, subconsciously we’re aware that the seasons are changing, but somehow each and every year, we find ourselves in a disheveled state of panic the week prior to Halloween. And though you’d think we’d learn our lesson—what with a stacked itinerary of office parties, “costume encouraged” beauty events, and numerous other in-character festivities to attend—we haven’t.

Thankfully, our Instagram feeds are the ultimate MVP when it comes to last-minute Halloween makeup looks. And lately, we’ve been especially stuck on glitter. True, there’s a wealth of ghoulish fodder featuring mesmerizing makeup tutorials, but we’re honestly just as happy to dust some glitter across our lids, lips, and hairlines and call it a night. Plus, a one-ingredient look requires zero commitment. With just a bit of glitter, you can channel a shooting star by day, a disco ball by night, and an incandescent unicorn by the 2 a.m. witching hour.

So in honor of glitter’s costume-saving versatility, we rounded up a few of its best-ever beauty moments. Keep scrolling for the glittery makeup inspiration we think would serve as to-die-for last-minute Halloween looks.

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