/14 of the Best Indie Beauty Products at Net-a-Porter

14 of the Best Indie Beauty Products at Net-a-Porter

Net-a-Porter’s beauty section is to me what I imagine a candy store feels like to any toddler: colorful, exciting, and entirely gratifying to dig through. Of course, it houses all the usual brands and cult-favorite products—offerings like Dr. Barbara Sturm, Charlotte Tilbury, and Le Labo. But I dream of the other, lesser-known formulas included in its prestigious collection. There are all-natural formulas that rival (if not perform better than) the others: crystal eye treatments, ampoules of vitamin C, and essential oils to improve your mood and help you sleep. There are makeup formulations I’d bet you haven’t tried yet, with color payoff that’s unprecedented. Below, find a list of my 15 favorites of the moment, each one more under-the-radar that the usual suspects but exciting nonetheless. And by the way, this is just to get you started. The site has thousands of indie elixirs, so you better hop to it.

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