Is It Safe to Wear a Waist Trainer Right After Giving Birth?

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Another day, another Kardashian promoting waist-training devices on social media. This time it’s new mom Kylie Jenner, and she’s touting the corset-like products as a way for women to “snap back” after giving birth. “My girl @premadonna87 hooked me up with the @waistgangsociety snap back [...]

Does Dry Brushing Really Reduce Cellulite and Help You Look Younger?

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There's always a new skin trend popping up rumored to vanish wrinkles, smooth dimples and zap cellulite. But most turn out to be temporary tricks and, more often than not, too good to be true. Cue dry brushing—is it really worth the hype? Dry brushing, [...]

Curvy Model Posts About Powerful Photo Shoot

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Not many women would be comfortable posting an image of themselves stripped down to their underwear on Instagram. But curve model and body-positivity advocate La’Shaunae Steward did—and it's borne out of her fierce determination to encourage all women love themselves, no matter their size. Steward shared what she called the most “powerful” photo she’s ever [...]

This Woman Went to 17 Doctors Before Finally Getting the Right Diagnosis

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If you’re a woman, chances are you know what it feels like to have a doctor not take your pain or symptoms seriously—especially if you have a chronic illness. If you know what it’s like to have to see several different health-care providers before finally [...]