The 4 Keto Diet Types

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The high-fat, very low-carb keto diet lets you enjoy lots of avocado, butter, bacon and cream—but requires cutting way back on added sugars, most processed foods, sweets, grains, and starchy veggies (whew). The eating plan is mega-popular among Hollywood A-listers (including Halle Berry, Megan Fox, and Gwyneth Paltrow); but [...]

Sassy Gregson Williams’ Moves That Will Give You Hardcore Ballerina Abs

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We’re coming for you, Misty Copeland. If you’ve ever envied Jenna Dewan’s dancer bod in Step Up enough to sign up for an Intro to Ballet class for adults (totally not me), then you may have discovered that dance is f*cking hard. Ballerinas are pros [...]

Influencer Posts Weight-Loss Transformation to Spread Important Message

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Anyone who says their weight-loss journey began with them waking up one morning and suddenly having a burning desire to get fit and eat healthy is probably making things up. That certainly didn’t happen for Ana-Maria Klizs, and she isn’t going to sit here and [...]

Korean Women Are Protesting The K-Beauty Culture on Instagram

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A new feminist movement is sweeping Instagram, as some South Korean women are rebelling against unattainable beauty standards that have become a cultural norm in their country. The movement, called Escape the Corset, sprang up over the summer on YouTube and Twitter, and is now gaining momentum on Instagram. It's a call [...]

10 Exercises You Should Never Do Again, According to Trainers

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Take a look around your gym: You'll probably see some fellow gym-goers hammering out these exercises. But that doesn't mean you should too. These crazy common moves are, at best, ineffective—at worst, dangerous. Here, the moves—and exercise machines—you should ditch from your workout routine, according [...]