Collagen for Skin: Should You Be Drinking Collagen Peptides?

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At a recent dinner with girlfriends, our conversation took an odd turn (no surprise) and I learned that half the group swore on the magic of drinking collagen. WTF, my friends are actually cray, I thought. I can barely stomach the smell of my boyfriend's protein powder [...]

Does Shaving Your Face Really Help Prevent Wrinkles?

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  Yes, you read that correctly. Recently, some women have started shaving their faces in hopes of preserving their youth. Even celebrities including former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo claim this DIY treatment helps ward off lines and wrinkles. (Manzo lathered up [...]

Venus Williams Follows a Raw Vegan Diet to Fight Her Autoimmune Condition

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When Venus Williams was diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome in 2011, her tennis career almost came to a grinding halt. After a rough season of injuries and match withdrawals, she announced that she was suffering from the fairly common autoimmune disease that causes dry eye and dry mouth, as [...]