/4 of the Best Deep-Conditioning Masks for Curly Hair

4 of the Best Deep-Conditioning Masks for Curly Hair

Let’s face it, we don’t always have the time for a DIY treatment, but when we do, we want that thing to work miracles. Often, I use hair products that feature manuka honey, aloe vera, castor oil, or coconut milk. So why not mix them all up into one amazing DIY deep conditioner? Manuka honey has amazing antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. It’s incredible for soothing the scalp, and it’s my secret weapon for stimulating hair growth. I love making masks with coconut milk instead of coconut oil, as coconut milk contains various proteins, fats, and minerals, while coconut oil is just composed of fat. Castor oil is an excellent ingredient for those suffering from thinning hair or lackluster curls. I love using castor oil to seal the ends of my hair after washing. Aloe vera features enzymes that can help repair the hair follicles, and, added bonus, it’ll help reduce dandruff and leave your hair super silky and shiny.


1/4 cup coconut milk
2 tbsp. manuka honey
2 tbsp. castor oil
2 tbsp. fresh aloe


Mix all the ingredients together and leave the blend in your hair for at least an hour (preferably overnight). Be sure to wash it all out thoroughly and style as you normally would.

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