/5 of the Best Eye Shadow and Lipstick Pairings

5 of the Best Eye Shadow and Lipstick Pairings

For years, idealized beauty “rules” had us believe we could either play up our eyes or lips—never both. “How garish,” I’m sure some oppressive piece on the subject reads. But those days have come and gone; we’re more about doing whatever it is we feel like, whether that’s painting our faces with more than one product or wearing none at all.

Yes, 2018 feels like one giant record scratch; we’ve seen huge strides being made for intersectional feminism (and just as many frightening setbacks). When it comes to makeup, the choice is yours. There are no rules about how you should present yourself. So break with convention. Apply colorful eye shadow and bright lipstick. Wear glitter. Be happy. Below, find our favorite color pairings and the products that’ll help you get the look.

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