/7 Products That Make My Skin Look Better Overnight

7 Products That Make My Skin Look Better Overnight

Most skincare pros will argue that patience and consistency are key if you want to see results. I call bullshit. While I won’t understate the importance (or joy!) of establishing a ritualistic skincare routine, I am also a huge proponent of instant gratification. If I have an acne scar on my chin and a fancy dinner to attend tomorrow night, you better believe I’m going to pull out all the stops to excavate that thing from my face.

This has gotten me in trouble in the past. For example, I used to be a sucker for anything that I could feel working, but usually, those kind of products were merely A) too harsh for my complexion, B) a marketing ploy, or C) all of the above. But as I’ve fine-tuned my routine over the years, I’ve amassed a lineup of products I know I can rely on if I want a glowy, even complexion by tomorrow morning. Better yet, they contribute to healthier skin in the long run, too.

Below, find the seven products I swear by to get rid of under-eye bags, visibly brighten my complexion, nix acne scars, and more—all within a matter of hours.

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