/9 Halloween Makeup Tutorials—No Costume Necessary

9 Halloween Makeup Tutorials—No Costume Necessary

Most of us at Byrdie HQ regard the first 30 days of October simply as pre-Halloween prep. Sure, fall is great and everything, but the second we hit October 1, our minds start racing thinking about the big H-word. Whether you’re a cat-ears-and-go kind of person or team head-to-toe transformation, Halloween is the one day a year when everyone gets to indulge and play dress-up again.

However, we do understand that not everyone is the type to plan out their costume weeks in advance, which is why we’ve gathered nine of the best Halloween makeup tutorials on the interweb to help you join in on the festivities, no actual costume required. Because we get it—not everyone can spend weeks stitching together leotards and glue-gunning feathers. (And sometimes even a quick run to Goodwill feels like too much to bear.)

For those of you who still want to make an impact but just don’t have the time (or energy) to go all-out, why not let your makeup do the talking? Keep scrolling for nine epic Halloween makeup tutorials, from flapper girls to ancient Egyptian queens. Trust us—these are good. And yes, you’ll thank us later.

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