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Anti-Aging Prescription Delivery Service, Curology, Launches Two New Products | Real Simple

When it comes to anti-aging, there’s no greater tool than retinoids. We’re not exaggerating when we say they are the gold standard in preventing and reversing signs of aging. From plumping fine lines and fading hyperpigmentation, to increasing skin elasticity, there’s seemingly no aging issue they can’t improve. So why aren’t we all using retinoids?

Retinoids—unlike retinol, a gentler version that’s found in hundreds of over-the-counter products—are a controlled class of ingredients, meaning they are not available without a dermatologist prescription.

On the one hand, requiring a prescription is for our own safety. Retinoids are powerful tools, so improper use can lead to damaged skin, with the exact opposite side effects of intended use. But, for a huge variety of reasons, it’s not always simple to get a prescription. Maybe you live in an area with low access to dermatologists, maybe your insurance doesn’t cover them, or maybe it’s hard to make time to pick up your script at a far flung pharmacy.

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It doesn’t have to be like that. Curology, a startup rethinking prescription treatments, has combined all of our favorite things about skin care—high-potency ingredients, expert formulations, a customizable experience, and the ease and delight of a subscription box.

Not quite just a product, Curology is a service. User’s can connect with Curology through its website by uploading selfies to their account, highlighting skin issues they’d like to tackle. Actual dermatologists then review and recommend custom ingredient blends, which are packaged into Superbottles, and mailed directly to the customer’s home.

Among the ingredients dermatologists can choose to include in your Superbottle are tretinoin (a type of retinoid also known as Retin A), Clindamycin (a prescription antibiotic that works wonder on acne-prone skin), and Azelaic Acid (another prescription miracle worker for skin cell turnover.) There wide range of highly effective ingredients mean they can recommend solutions not just for anti-aging, but for acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and more.

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Today, Curology just announced two new products to even further streamline your path to great skin. Introducing: your friendliest cleanser and moisturizer yet. Now, Curology members can choose to add these new additions to their monthly or bimonthly deliveries, and be sure they’ll never have to deliberate using hand soap when their cleanser runs out.

If you’re new to the service, you can start out with your very own three-piece trial kit, which includes a totally custom Superbottle, plus the cleanser and moisturizer, for just the cost of shipping ($5; curology.com). Once you’re hooked (and when you start seeing results, you will be), a subscription will run you between $20-$60/mo, depending on your scheduling and product selections.

And what’s more—as your skin changes, so can your formulation. Just send new selfies and requests to your assigned dermatologist, and they’ll ensure that your Superbottle is always up to date on meeting your skin’s needs.

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