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Becca’s New Primer Is Like an Instagram Filter for Your Face | InStyle.com

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Imagine how much easier life would be if, instead of spending an allotted amount of time carefully applying your makeup in the mornings, you could slap on an Instagram-esque Valencia filter and blur over imperfections in five seconds flat. We’re still waiting on scientists to make the move, but until then, Becca’s First Light Primer serves as the next best thing. Blend just a few drops of this sheer violet liquid onto your face, and instantly, your complexion appears more awake and illuminated.

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Don’t be thrown off by the lavender tint—rather than imparting a weird veil of color, the pigments are actually designed to mimic the flattering way the light at dawn hits your skin, hence the “first light” moniker. Unlike some primers, which can feel heavy and film-like, Becca’s formula glides on similar to a serum, and contains skincare ingredients like ginger, prickly pear flower, and mineral-rich spring water to give your moisturizer extra insurance. It adds extra dimension to even the mattest foundations, but honestly? We’d wear it solo with concealer where needed. Score a bottle right now on sephora.com for $38 (also available on ulta.com and nordstrom.com) and let the #nofilter selfies commence.

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