/Best Stick-On Strapless Backless Bra

Best Stick-On Strapless Backless Bra

Months after I fell in love with and bought my lace-back Rime Arodaky bridal jumpsuit, I realized I hadn’t considered a very important detail. How the heck was I going to wear a bra with this thing?

This wasn’t out of the ordinary for me during wedding planning. I was totally into the Big Ideas and much less excited about hashing out the little details. But finding a strapless, backless undergarment of some kind wasn’t exactly the kind of decision I could farm out to my future mother-in-law.

Mildly concerned, I turned to—where else?—Amazon. I wanted something a little sturdier than my stick-on bra, although it probably could have worked in a pinch. The one I have, also from Amazon, basically gets the job done, but it leaves a little to be desired in terms of a smooth, seamless look.

It felt like I scanned through thousands of stick-on, strapless results before I discovered what was really going to meet all my needs–plunging neckline for the deepish V-neck, backless, strapless, oh my—was a bodysuit. The diamond in the rough? The U Plunge Backless, Strapless Bodysuit from Fashion Forms ($32; amazon.com and zappos.com).

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When it arrived, I hurried to try it on at home, nervous I’d have to go back to the drawing board. But I was instantly impressed: The stick-on cups provided just enough lift. The adhesive side tabs added a surprising amount of support. I knew the hook-and-eye closure between the legs would make bathroom breaks on the big day at least slightly easier. And I continued to be impressed after I slipped into my jumpsuit: I couldn’t even tell the adhesive tabs wrapped around my sides, and although there was maybe a tiny bit of extra fabric on the front panel (it probably would have fit better if I were an inch taller), I still got that streamlined look I wanted. 

Fast forward to the big day, and I was thrilled with my final look (although the bodysuit made things a little revealing for that classic getting-ready-together moment with Mom). And it was comfy, too—there was no bunching, no sagging, no slipping of the stick-on cups, no panty lines, and no I’m-trying-to-be-subtle-I-swear attempts at readjusting throughout the evening.

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In fact, the bodysuit wouldn’t have crossed my mind during the reception if close friends and curious aunties hadn’t kept asking me about it!

“Are you even wearing a bra?” they’d whisper, leaning in close on the dance floor. “You wouldn’t believe what I’m wearing under here!” I’d respond with glee. (How I wish I had known earlier that the Fashion Forms tagline is ‘Ever Wonder What’s Under?’ Genius.)

If you’re in the market, let me sell you on a couple of other perks: The bodysuit is hand-washable, and you can wear it up to 25 times before you might start loosing some stick. It’s also available in black and in four sizes. Plus, adjustable straps are included; pop ‘em on for additional support as a halter or criss-cross, depending on what you’ll be wearing over this number. Then send pics!

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