/Blake Lively’s Go-To Lipstick Is Only $18

Blake Lively’s Go-To Lipstick Is Only $18

Buckle, whose other celeb clients include Kelly Ripa, Mariah Carey, and Lucy Liu, said he first met Lively on a magazine cover shoot. “I met Blake very early in her career, way back before the Traveling Pants series,” he said. “I was doing her makeup for her first magazine cover, for CosmoGirl. I remember she was so nervous, and she said to me: ‘I don’t know what to do out there, I’m not a model!’ So, I told her to look at me while she was shooting, and I stood behind the photographer, working model-like poses, and she just copied me. We bonded over that moment, and we’ve worked together since.”

He has nothing but nice things to say about the actress, who he’s worked with for a decade now. “I’ve watched Blake grow over the past decade. And as some young celebrities change and transform not always for the best, Blake has maintained every bit of her personality. She’s the same girl I met all those years ago. Her essence, her generosity, her levity, it’s all the same. She’s just this kind, conscientious person through and through—but her makeup leanings have changed a bit.”

Instead of harsh black mascara, Buckle and Lively opt for soft brown. Then they play it up with iridescent shadow for a more “modern” look. “When Blake was new in the business, she was so excited about the exploration of makeup. She wanted all the bells and whistles—lashes, contour, an overdrawn lip—so we look back and laugh at those early Gossip Girl posters, because she looked very done. Now, her whole look is a lot softer—except, obviously if we’re working on an event like the Met Gala.”

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