6 Apps That Will Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

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It's New Year's resolution time, and you know how it goes: You stock up on new cookbooks, restart that gym membership, buy blackout shades so you can score quality sleep, and take other steps to prep you for making your healthy pledge happen. But before January is over, [...]

4 Healthy Eating Resolutions That Aren’t Focused on Weight Loss

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In January many of my clients are focused on shedding holiday pounds. But others see the New Year as a chance to establish healthy (and sustainable) eating habits for reasons other than weight loss. These folks are driven by goals like more energy, stronger immunity, improved strength and endurance, [...]

Benefits of Gratitude: Improve Your Mood, Sleep and More

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There are those moments when sunlight pierces the clouds as if in a painting, your partner unexpectedly cleans the whole house on a whim, or your computer miraculously unfreezes after what you feared was a disastrous death spiral—and a warm feeling of gratitude pours over you. [...]

Dry January: This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Alcohol

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The latest New Year’s trend has nothing to do with alcohol—literally. For millions of people, January 1 marks the first day of not just a new year, but a “dry” January, or month-long break with booze. Started by the UK's Alcohol Concern organization in 2013, the movement’s [...]

Cancer Took Her Best Friend, But Mira Sorvino Still Lives By These Optimistic Words

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American actress, political activist, and humanitarian Mira Sorvino lost a friend, Champagne Joy, to metastatic breast cancer. Sorvino was deeply moved by Joy’s fight for her life. “We will get better or we will get better at it.”  After losing another friend to the deadly [...]

5 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Clean-Eating Goals Before January 1st

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Many people refer to the days between Christmas and New Year’s as a "twilight week." The bulk of the holiday season is behind us, but the fresh start of the new year still lies ahead. It's tempting to consider this cozy in-between time as your last hurrah before January 1st. [...]

How New Year’s Eve Overeating and Excess Drinking Affect Your Weight and Health

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Most people think that if you overate and over-drank on New Year’s Eve, you did the night right. And to some extent, that’s fair. NYE is all about celebrating, and you’re entitled to enjoy yourself. But what kind of damage are you doing when you [...]