/Chriselle Lim Shares All Her Glowy-Skin Secrets

Chriselle Lim Shares All Her Glowy-Skin Secrets

Chriselle Lim is all-around #goals. You probably recognize her from her massively successful YouTube channel and her screenshot-worthy Instagram feed. This trendsetting mom to the cutest toddler is a wiz when it comes to the best products for glowy skin and how to perfect your makeup. Oh, and she also wears the coolest clothes, which she shares on her lifestyle blog, The Chriselle Factor. Trust: One quick scroll through her website will make you want to know all her secrets. To no surprise, she’s racked up over two and a half million followers combined on all her social channels.

Well, thankfully, Lim is not secretive about what works for her. She’s a friend of Byrdie and has contributed to our site by writing her very own articles. Most recently, she sat down with us to share her skin and makeup secrets. Prepare to be blinded by her skin’s glow in this video. From the foundation she gets the most compliments on to her blood-infused moisturizer, Lim walks us through her favorites below. 

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