/Emily Ratajkowski Shares Her 5-Minute Makeup Look

Emily Ratajkowski Shares Her 5-Minute Makeup Look

If you were to type Emily Ratajkowski’s name into Google, the first results to show up would surround her, ahem, giant ring and brand-new husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Alas, we’re much more apt to search her beauty MO instead. And thanks to Vogue‘s brand-new video, we’re getting a satisfying glimpse into Ratajkowski’s go-to short and sweet makeup look—the speedy yet sultry application she resorts to for casual time with friends or even a low-key date night. A self-professed lover of all things makeup, the model shares that she routinely does her friends’ makeup before parties and has been painting her mom’s face since she was little, a habit she directly correlates with her initial intrigue and obsession with playing makeup artist.

Not surprisingly, Ratajkowski has picked up some brilliantly unexpected makeup tips from the artists she’s worked with over the years, but she also has a few surprises up her sleeves courtesy of, you know, just her talented self. Despite the love and respect she has for makeup artists, Ratajkowski firmly believes you know best when it comes to what will and won’t work for your face. Curious to find out the model’s best-kept tips and tricks by way of her five-minute makeup look? Keep scrolling for her step-by-step process and each product, drugstore and otherwise, she uses to complete it. 

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