/Found: 11 Makeup Kits Perfect for Halloween

Found: 11 Makeup Kits Perfect for Halloween

If you mean business this Halloween (and perhaps every Halloween hereafter), we recommend this thorough assortment from the masters at Ben Nye. The brand just celebrated its 50th anniversary, marking just how long it’s been a major name within the theater, film, and professional makeup realms. The formulas are insanely pigmented, easily blended, and epically long-lasting.

This makeup kit, in particular, contains three foundations, a cream contour wheel, a bruise and abrasion wheel, highlight, shadow, white cream color, powder cheek rough, eyebrow and lip pencils, liquid latex, nose and scar wax, translucent face powder, spirit gum adhesive, spirit gum remover, stage blood, and a variety of puffs, brushes, sponges, and combs for a perfect-for-Halloween makeup job. At $60, that’s some serious bang for your buck. 

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