/Found: Every Product in Ulta’s Epic 21 Days of Beauty Sale

Found: Every Product in Ulta’s Epic 21 Days of Beauty Sale

Even though it’s one of the most anticipated beauty sales of the year, we still don’t think Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale gets enough credit (and our reasons are many). The first is in its name. Most sales last a couple of days—maybe a week or two if we’re lucky. Not this one. For 21 glorious days, we look forward to buying discounted products from some of our favorite brands.

Here’s how it works: Each day, a few products go on sale. You can purchase them at their sale price for exactly one day. After 24 hours is up, those products return to their normal listing price and different ones are dropped. This makes it easy to shop for products you actually want without getting overwhelmed and unexpectedly spending your whole paycheck in the midst of a sale frenzy. (We’ve been there.)

Not only that, but every product that’s a part of the sale will be discounted 50% off from it’s normal retail price (yes, that’s half-off, people!). That makes it even easier to plan and budget, no? Keep scrolling to see every single product in this year’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale.

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