/Hilaria Baldwin Breaks Down 3 Yoga Moves You Might Be Getting Wrong

Hilaria Baldwin Breaks Down 3 Yoga Moves You Might Be Getting Wrong

Chaturanga to upward facing dog is undoubtedly tricky.

When you’re twisting your body every which way, it can be seriously tough to find the proper form for every move. Celebrity yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin gets that, which is why she’s breaking down 3 moves that students commonly get wrong. Watch this video and get ready to walk into your next class with a newfound sense of confidence. And remember, if you find yourself having trouble with a move while you’re in a session, always ask the instructor for help. That’s what they’re there for.

Standing mountain pose

If you feel yourself arching your back and sticking your chest out in front of you, recenter by aligning your hips, ribs, and shoulders. Engage your abdomen, and keep your palms facing forward.

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Flat back

To master this pose, pull your chest forward, and lengthen your spine. Don’t make the common mistake of hunching your back; if you keep your abdomen engaged, you’ll be able to stay as flat as a table.

Chaturanga to upward facing dog

During chaturanga, lower your body only halfway down, keeping your elbows next to your ribs. As you enter upward dog, lift your chest high, and keep your hips raised off the ground.

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