/How to Get Glossy Eyelids, the Non-Sticky Way

How to Get Glossy Eyelids, the Non-Sticky Way

Glossy is a word we like. Sticky is a word we don’t. So while we love the glossy lids we see all over Instagram, fashion week runways, and editorials, we can become apprehensive about getting on board with the look—knowing the reality can often result in a not-so-glamorous sticky mess. For this very reason, we’ve done our homework to determine the exact steps to create fail-safe glossy lids and found the shine-creating, glossy lid–achieving products that won’t leave your eyelids sticking to themselves.

With the below tips and tools in your arsenal, you can indulge in the glossy eye shadow look—without it creasing by 2 p.m. Two straightforward steps ensure your glossy lids make a lasting impact, and we’ve rounded up our favorite products that achieve the look—and have staying power. Scroll through to find out how to achieve glossy lids the non-sticky way.

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