/How to Make a Braided High Ponytail

How to Make a Braided High Ponytail

And, it’s perfect for a night out.

Thanks to Ariana Grande, it’s no longer a fashion faux pas to don an oversized sweatshirt and call it a dress. That’s not the only style trend we can credit her with. The signature high ponytail she rocks all the time may be 90s-inspired, but it still feels fresh, current, and youthful. Bonus: it’s versatile enough to be worn to the office, say paired with a suit or some elevated athleisure, and then for a night out with girlfriends. By incorporating chic braids, we’ve created a twist on this super flattering look you can recreate at home.

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1. Separate a small section of hair (starting in the middle of your forehead) and French-braid it.

2. Tie it off with a mini rubber band.

3. Repeat on both sides of your head, so now you have three braids total.

4. Pull all three braids into a ponytail with a rubber hair tie.

5. Braid the ponytail and secure the end with a rubber band.

6. For a fuller ponytail, wrap a hair extension track around the braid itself (about two inches down from the base of the ponytail).

7. Pin another hair track to the actual base of the braid.

8. Wrap this second hair track around the base of the ponytail, concealing the hair tie, and pin it.

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