/How to Trick Your Brain Into Craving the Gym

How to Trick Your Brain Into Craving the Gym

I liken having to go to the gym to any involuntary activity in one’s childhood. I kick, I scream… Come to think of it, not going seems like enough of a workout. But in all seriousness, as much as I want to get in shape and tone my muscles, after a long day, the only thing I want to lift is a slice of vodka pizza and a beer. Mustering the motivation to change into gym clothes and break a sweat feels like more work, and when I’m clocked out, there’s no convincing me.

However, I also know that’s all a load of BS. When you put yourself in the right mindset, you can achieve anything, and I recognize that it’s time to call a spade a spade and acknowledge my laziness. I know I’m not alone here, either. Carving out gym time is the Achilles heel for many of my friends and colleagues, so to help make excuses a non-issue, we chatted with Melinda Nicci, sports psychologist and founder of Baby2Body, for her foolproof tips for actually wanting to go to the gym.

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