/I Spent $200 on Makeup at Sephora: Read My Honest Reviews

I Spent $200 on Makeup at Sephora: Read My Honest Reviews

I’m not big on switching up my makeup look. I’m a creature of habit, and when I know what I like, I stick to it. So I’ve also been pretty loyal to a few product favorites for years. This summer, though, I decided enough was enough. I was going to try new products and brands and never look back. It’s time to be experimental, spontaneous, and less restrictive on myself (and my look). Can you tell I’m a Taurus? Change is not exactly one of my strong suits.

I headed over to Sephora (it’s across the street from our office, which is dangerous for my wallet) and perused the shelves. I even talked to a salesperson or two and let them know what I was doing. I had a budget of $200 (I ended up spending $209—don’t tell anyone) and had to be out in an hour. I picked out some staples (foundation, highlighter, mascara, etc.) and bought them all without trying them on. Once I was back at the office, the testing began. Below, find my honest reviews of each product. Spoiler: They all rule.

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