/Kelly LeVeque Shares Her 12 Healthy Fridge Staples

Kelly LeVeque Shares Her 12 Healthy Fridge Staples

If #fridgeshelfies get you hot and bothered (i.e. excited and wellness-inspired), you’re in for an extra-special treat. In a recent feature for The Chalkboard Mag as part of its In My Fridge Series, soon-to-be-mom and celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque gave readers a satisfying peek into the colorful depths of her fridge. And, just as we’d hope from one of our favorite, go-to food experts, she served up some extra dish regarding her food philosophy, shopping MO, and occasional splurges. 

In terms of her day-to-day eats, LeVeque told the publication she focuses on nourishment, balancing blood sugar, and selecting foods that naturally regulate hunger hormones so she can feel balanced (not hangry) all day long. Shopping-wise, she loves grabbing bites at Erewhon Market, the Angeleno mecca of all things raw, clean, and organic, in addition to Whole Foods, and online grocery hot spot Thrive Market. We also discovered her simple go-to recipe is a tantalizing shrimp scampi (see her instructions here!) and a smartly portioned chew of chocolate is her preferred vehicle of indulgence. Because sometimes, it’s just necessary. For more of LeVeque’s astute diet insight, and for the twelve essential foods always in her fridge, keep scrolling!

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