/Peloton Launches New Yoga Studio and On-Demand Streaming Platform

Peloton Launches New Yoga Studio and On-Demand Streaming Platform

If you’re a Peloton fan, you’ll love their latest offering: yoga. That’s right, the brand best known for its high-energy, interactive indoor and streaming cycling classes, and more recently their treadmill classes, is now ready to help you get Zen.

To start, there will be four live yoga classes taught each day by one of three instructors: Aditi Shah, Anna Greenberg, and Kristin McGee. Classes will range from 20 to 45 minutes, and will include a variety of styles, including Vinyasa flow, a vigorous power yoga, a restorative class, a basics class geared towards helping beginners build the foundation of a practice, and even guided meditation. Plus, a bank of yoga content that will be available anywhere, any time.

Studio classes for new members will start at $20, while the yoga programming will be included in current Peloton Bike, Tread, and Digital subscriptions ($39 and $19/month, respectively). And you can count on the signature Peloton teaching style with instructors interacting with both those in class as well as at-home yogis via strategically placed cameras throughout the room as well as a leaderboard. (FYI: Studio classes start today, but live and on-demand streaming won’t begin until December 26.)

“What I am really excited about is bringing the feeling of community into people’s homes, to give them an awesome yoga practice in their home, but with this added element of the boutique fitness experience which is not available to everyone, and I think that is going to be really incredible,” explained Greenberg.

And if the 30-minute flow geared toward prepping folks for Crow Pose (read: tons of hip openers!) I took yesterday with Greenberg, which was the very first classes taught and filmed at the studio, is any indication of Peloton Yoga Studio’s potential, then I’m pretty sure they are going to #namaslay it.

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