/Reviewed: The Best New Cosmetics From Crop Natural

Reviewed: The Best New Cosmetics From Crop Natural

Like I said, a swoop of winged liquid eyeliner, glowing skin (the more highlighter, the better), a neutral-pinky lip, and loads of mascara is my go-to beauty look. Even when I go out, I typically like to keep it that way. Between cocktails, crowds, dancing, pizza, or whatever else the night brings forth, I don’t want to have to worry about a super-bold lip or migrating eye makeup. Thus, this subtly silvery makeup vibe was born. 

I was immediately drawn to this silvery shade of eye shadow (called Moon Dust), but since I wanted to wear my liquid liner and a few healthy coats of mascara, I thought it would make the most impact not on my lids but in the inner corners of my eyes and just below my waterline near the tear duct. Then, I also dabbed a bit on my cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. For lipstick, I went with Glam Slam—a pretty dark pink which naturally intensifies my natural color—before topping it all off with my very favorite product from the line: the lip gloss called Golden Glow.

Usually, I can only wear a gloss for a few minutes before wiping it off. To be honest, I just don’t like how gloss looks on me, and if it feels sticky or suffocating, forget it. However, this vitamin E–, jojoba-, and castor oil–infused tube is something from another world. It has zero stick factor, is so lusciously moisturizing, and, despite the golden color, slides on crystal clear, naturally enhancing whatever lip color you’re wearing. I’ve been wearing it both on top of my favorite lipsticks and on its own for weeks now, and I’ve only become more and more obsessed with it.

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