/Sassy Williams’ Ballet-Inspired Leg Sculpt Workout

Sassy Williams’ Ballet-Inspired Leg Sculpt Workout

This routine will help you get the definition of a dancer.

Even if it seems like a lifetime since you stopped going to those ballet classes you took as a kid, no amount of time is long enough to make you forget the burn you get from conditioning like a ballerina. In this video, Sassy Gregson-Williams, founder of the Naturally Sassy online studio, leads us through a 10-minute session that combines her Ballet Blast and Swan Lake Leg Sculpt workouts.

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Sassy says the warm up is all about engaging your muscles. She emphasizes that while doing swan arms, the more you press, the more you’ll feel it. You can do this move just about anywhere, and it’s one you’ll see throughout the entire session.

Plies are also a key part of any ballet routine, and if you’ve never tried them before, make sure to stack your hips, knees, and toes in a straight line and engage your glutes. Sassy reminds us that unlike a squat, plies call for your toes to stay planted on the floor. (When you hear the term “big toe connection,” that’s what she’s referring to.)

This type of workout aims to sculpt long, lean muscles, which is why Sassy pushes us to stretch our bodies as much as we can. If your arms are overhead, reach them to the sky, and when they’re horizontal, try to make yourself as wide as possible. Breathing in through your nose and out through pursed lips will help you lean into the stretches.

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Think of engaged muscles and planted toes as your two guiding forces when doing this workout. For those who are new to ballet-inspired fitness, explore more of what the genre has to offer by heading over to Sassy’s online studio to learn what it really takes to get the definition of a dancer.

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