/Shadowbox’s 3 Jab Combos For Beginner Boxers

Shadowbox’s 3 Jab Combos For Beginner Boxers

We’ll make you a knockout.

Boxing has exploded this year and become a workout for literally everyone. New to the sport? Don’t worry: Boxing professional Heather Hardy demonstrates three beginner jabs that will have you feeling confident before your first class. The Jab Cross Hook is at the core of all Shadowbox workouts, so if you’re a newbie, it could be a good idea to practice these punches at home or arrive to class early and go over the moves and your form with your instructor.

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The first combination is the Jab Cross, which is most likely the first move you’ll learn in boxing class after finding your stance. Punch the bag or air quickly with the same side arm as your forward foot. Then, in the same motion, bring that arm back to your body (as if protecting the face) and do the second punch with your opposite arm, always making sure that the arm is fully extended in your punches. When you do the cross punch, pivot your back foot so your body rotates forward.

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Now that you know the Jab Cross, practice adding in a Slip, which is a more defensive move. Keep your hands in the same position as you bend your waist from side to side, and move your head from left to right (which will help you dodge your opponent’s straight punches). Don’t lean forward or backwards when slipping. By leaning forward, you’ll meet your opponents punch with your face (ouch!) and shifting your weight backwards will take you too far away to counter-punch.

The third combination is the Jab Cross, Step Back, and Cross. The Cross is a punch that crosses from the back of your body to the front and is thrown with your rear hand directly at your punching bag in a straight line. Stepping back before you throw your Cross punch will give you more momentum as you move forward.

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