/Sisley Black Rose Lip Twist and Eye Twist Review With Photos

Sisley Black Rose Lip Twist and Eye Twist Review With Photos

“I’ve pretty much given up on any eye product that requires a brush to apply. I’m just too lazy, and there are so many easy, smoky cream-based eye products that look just as good when you tap them in with your finger. Case in point: This new Black Rose Phyto-Eye Twist. The color is different from the lip twist; it has slight gray undertones with just a hint of plum. I drew it directly on my eye, applying it about a third of the way up my lid, then quickly blended it in with my finger. Instantly, my entire look changed from day to night. I looked like I had spent time blending together multiple eye shadow shades for a blended smoky effect, when in reality, it was just one product and took all of about five seconds. I did try to re-apply another layer after the first round had set, and it was much harder to blend, so I recommend really going for it right after you apply, because this stuff will not budge. I’ll be keeping this smoky eye pencil in my purse at all times come fall. If you’re thinking of splurging on a do-it-all eye pencil that amps up your look in just a few swipes, this is a safe bet.” — Faith Xue

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