/The Plant-Based Diet Is Officially the Best

The Plant-Based Diet Is Officially the Best

We don’t need an expert to tell us simply cutting down, rather than cutting out, makes it much easier to stick to a plant-based diet. However, while limited meat intake and upping your fruit and veggies is one thing, it’s another to ensure you get enough protein and vitamin D. We spoke to professional nutritionist Jo Travers about how to ensure you get the right balance.

Travers explains that while the plant-based diet is healthy, “lots of plant proteins don’t have the amino acids [you need] if you want to make a muscle cell. However, beans on toast, rice and peas, lentils and naan bread, are simple meals that will help provide the amino acids you need.” In addition, you want to ensure you get the right amount of iron, B12, zinc and calcium. Although you can get calcium and zinc from beans, chickpeas, lentils and dark greens, and you can find iron in nuts, Travers still recommended taking a supplement for the essential B12.

Plant-Based Pixie also helped to understand what a diet might consist of saying that instead of counting calories, her “main focus is always on flavour and what tastes good for me. I just make sure there’s a variety of colour and vegetables and some form of protein. I can usually tell what I lack. Beans and pulses are my usual go-to. I take a B12 occasionally, as I don’t eat meat or fish.”

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