/The Super Carb Diet: What You Need to Know

The Super Carb Diet: What You Need to Know

“If you have a heart condition or high cholesterol, this diet is far superior for your health than a diet that restricts carbs and focuses on fats and protein,” Rosen says. Beyond that, she explains that this approach fosters a healthier attitude toward carbs. “One of the fallacies of our modern dieting paradigm is that carbs are evil. This is not so,” she says.

Mathews says that many people can benefit from adopting a diet like this. “It could be especially beneficial for those who have tried low-carb diets in the past and found their carb cravings to be too much to handle, or who experienced sickness or other negative side effects from such a diet,” she explains.

“Historically, nutritionists have recommended a well-balanced diet for optimal health and wellness, and in theory, the super carb diet is just that,” she continues. “While some individuals may find other diets to be helpful for burning fat or building muscle more quickly, the super carb diet seems to promote sensible nutrition principles for long-term healthy living.”

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