/Trans Influencer Struggles With Loneliness

Trans Influencer Struggles With Loneliness

There’s no denying we all feel lonely at times. But if it’s something that happens to everyone, why don’t we talk about loneliness more often? Influencer Mia Violet recently took to Instagram to ask her followers that very question and let them know having a social following doesn’t make her immune to feeling alone.

“Something I rarely admit is that I often struggle with a sense of loneliness. This may seem strange to those who know me, with how chatty and upbeat I usually am,” Violet wrote in a recent post. As a trans woman with a body-positive social media presence, she’s often recognized by some of her thousands of followers while at events or even on the street, she said.

Violet went on to explain that she’s grateful for those interactions. Yet being recognized and looked up to doesn’t equal the happiness that comes with a deeper connection. “It’s always touching and lovely to connect with someone new, and I consider myself very lucky. But being popular and recognizable doesn’t cure loneliness, not long-term anyway,” she wrote.

There’s simply no substitute for spending time with loved ones who know you inside and out, she explained. “The people you love, those who share your age, ethos, and interests. People you’ve created memories with.”

Life can be tough on people who grow up questioning their gender, and Violet said that being closeted made it difficult for her to make friends at a young age. After she came out, forming friendships became a lot easier, she explained. Regardless, those loved ones are often scattered across the country or even the world, she added, which makes it hard to always feel connected to them.

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Violet is speaking up because despite being a serious health risk, loneliness is a taboo topic. That’s especially true on social media, where it’s easy to get caught up in how perfect and happy other people’s lives seem to be. If you ever feel alone, Violet wants you to know she’s right there with you.

“Loneliness is complicated, the solution is always going to be personal and rarely as simple as just being around other people,” she wrote. “But by accepting that these feelings are there, and exploring where they come from, it’s a step towards finding a lasting and happy solution.”

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