/Try This 6-Move Holiday Barre Workout

Try This 6-Move Holiday Barre Workout

This at-home workout is a fun, easy way to get in a strength-based sweat session—no matter how busy you are.

Alicia Archer, a dancer and an Equinox fitness instructor in New York City, created this workout specifically for this time of year. “You’re pulled in so many different directions during the holidays,” she says. “Barre won’t add more stress to your life.” The ballet-inspired moves focus on small motions and high reps, to help sculpt and strengthen.

Single-Leg Push-Up

Start on all fours with your right leg lifted and extended out behind you. Point your toes and bend your elbows, lowering your chest to the ground while raising your right leg even higher. Push back up and then repeat, maintaining a straight line from shoulder to heel.

Side Plank with Dip & Leg Lift

Lie on your left side with your legs stacked. Bend your left leg back, prop yourself up on your left forearm, and raise your right arm straight up in a slow, controlled manner. Pull your abs in and lift your hips, then raise your left knee up toward your chest. Hold for 2 seconds, then lower back down and repeat.

Plié with Front Arm Lift & Pull

Stand with your feet about 3 feet apart and turned out. Hold your palms in front of your thighs with a 3-lb. dumbbell in each hand. Bend your knees, push your hips back, and lower down as you raise your arms up to shoulder height. Bend your arms, pulling the weights back as you rise onto tiptoes. Lower back down and repeat, keeping your abs engaged.

Plié with High Arm Biceps Curl

Stand with your heels together and feet turned out, knees bent slightly. With a 3-lb. weight in each hand, raise your arms out to the sides, palms face-up. Keeping your back flat, rise onto your tiptoes, pulling your elbows into your sides. Return your arms out to your sides, bend your elbows and curl the weights toward your shoulders. Return your arms to your sides again and repeat the sequence.

Triceps Lift & Extension

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Holding a 3-lb. weight in each hand with palms facing forward, hinge at the hips and lower your torso slightly, allowing your arms to naturally fall forward. Lift your arms back and up and bend your elbows, curling weights toward shoulders. Extend your arms back out, and then lower and repeat. Make sure you crunch those abs.

Curtsy Lunge with Front Leg Extension

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms at your sides with a 3-lb. weight in each hand. Take a giant step back with your left foot, crossing it behind your right. Bend your knees, lower hips and torso, and extend your right arm diagonally back and up. Bring your left elbow to your right knee, and curl the weight toward your shoulder. Transferring the weight to the right foot, come to balance on the right foot as you kick your left leg up and extend your arms out, palms face down. Maintaining this position, bend your left knee and bring your left foot to right thigh. Lower your left leg, step back to the starting position, and repeat.

Do 15-20 reps of each move for 2-3 sets, 2-3 days a week.

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