/Using Concealer as a Foundation Is a Thing—Try These 15

Using Concealer as a Foundation Is a Thing—Try These 15

More and more, we’re seeing dreamy, dewy, and translucently covered complexions on our iPhone screens. Not only is a highlighted, bare-faced look beautiful, but it also allows us to save some serious time in front of our bathroom mirror each morning. (Afterall, the perfect foundation application can take a lot of time and effort.) Sure, sometimes we crave more coverage, but there’s also something to be said for showing off what nature blessed us with—freckles, dark circles, what have you—rathering than buffing, blending, and cursing them away.

Makeup artists are on board (we’ve taken screenshots of so many natural finishes as of late), and our favorite beauty brands seem to be debuting fresh new product launches catering to our multitasking, albeit formula-picky, minds. And recently, we’ve had a bit of a concealer fetish—using our favorite old and new tubes and sticks in lieu of foundation. Kind of genius right? It’s the perfect aesthetic for summer, but honestly, we’re planning to continue the practice right into fall. As for application, most of the time, we’ll reach for our trusted Beautyblender ($20) to strategically diffuse our usual under-eye application out and over our nose, cheekbones, chin, and T-zone. Or if we’re strapped for time, we’ll simply use our fingers. (Just make sure they’re clean!) Curious to see which ride-or-die concealers are the absolute best for doubling as a foundation in a pinch? Or, you know, not in a pinch? Keep scrolling for Byrdie HQ’s 15 favorites. 

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